The candidat’s rights

At 360 Executive Search, our relationship with candidates is very important to us. We follow a strict ethical code which ensures that our interactions are guided by the following values: integrity, objectivity, rigour and respect. All 360 Executive Search candidates have the following rights:

I. Confidentiality

During the selection process, candidates assume certain risks with regard to their current employment, this being one of their most serious concerns. At 360 Executive Search, we promise to keep your personal and professional data absolutely confidential and to protect your interests at all times. Your information will not be shared with third parties without your consent.

II. Information and Feedback

All candidates will receive ample information on the process and the pertinent follow-up and feedback to keep them informed of the status of their candidacy, with clear and honest answers to their questions and concerns, to the extent possible.

III. Professional Treatment

In addition to complying with all of the laws that apply to a normal hiring process, at 360 Executive Search we adhere to a strict professional ethics code which ensures that candidates are treated with the utmost professionalism at all times.

IV. We respect your time and your current position and we don’t pressure you

The candidate’s current position requires his or her full attention and dedication, so we are respectful of your time when it comes to scheduling meetings and interviews. For the best results when taking a final decision, candidates must have time to assess and reflect upon their decision. Candidates will not be pressured to make a hasty decision on an offer.

V. A Relationship of Trust

At 360 Executive Search, we strive to establish open relationships based on trust with each one of our candidates. We do not focus on just one position in particular but rather our maxi mis to advise candidates on their professional careers, keeping them in mind for future professional opportunities.

If your candidacy for a particular position is not successful, we will continue to advise you and keep your information in our database for future processes, unless you indicate otherwise.

If at tnay time you do not feel comfortable about a selection process, you are free to withdraw from the process or to request that your information be removed from our database of candidates.