Client’s rights

At 360 Executive Search, we believe that the clients who place their faith in us by asking us to handle their search and selection processes deserve and hae the right to the very highest quality service. As a client of 360 Executive Search, this is what you can expect and demand from us:

I. Confidentiality

360 Executive Search keeps all of the information on your organisation, vacancies, etc. absolutely condifential, using the information only to comply with our mission and disclosing only the information which may be of interest or assistance in successfully carrying out our mandate.

II. Transparency and Quality.

At 360 Executive Search, we only work in sectors where we have a thorough knowledge of the industry and an extensive network of contacts. We only accept a mandate when we are sure that we have the capacity and the knowledge to carry out the mandate and fulfil the expectations of the clients who deposit their trust in us. Before the search begins, we defin with the client aspects such as the corporate cultura, the ideal candidate’s profile, any particularities of the position to be filled and any other expectations the client may have in relation to the process. The fe estructure, guarantees and possible off-limits are all established in writing.

III. Customised Process.

In all selection processes, 360 Executive Search assigns a person to act as the liaison with the client and the person responsible for coordinating the entire process. This person will also provide the client with detailed reports on the candidates and information on any problems that might arise in the search for or recruitment of the most appropriate candidates for the client’s position. In addition, as experts in the sector, we will advise you on the current market situation for your industry, salary levels and how other businesses in the sector are positioning themselves.

360 Executive Search will only present candidates who fit the corporate culture and professional profile sought by the client and only after verifying the candidate’s academic background, professional experience, motivations and skills as well as the candidate’s salary and benefits expectations.

IV. Negotiation Support and Candidate Follow-up.

Once the final candidate is chosen, we advise and assist our clients in their negotations with the candidate in order to facilitate the candidate’s incorporation and to ensure a long and successful career with the client’s organisation.

We act as the intermediary between the client company and the candidate with the utmost professionalism and integrity, which helps to strengthen our clients’ image in the market and the perception which potential candidates have of the client’s company. We keep both side informed and advised at all times of any concerns or reservations that may arise during the negotation process. We help the candidate to evaluate the opportunity and clear up any concerns he or she may have.

Our responsibility is not over when the candidate is hired. At 360 Executive Search, we consider that the mandate has only been completed successfully when we have verified that both parties are satisfied with the results of the process, i.e., when we have verified the candidate’s integration and adaptation on the one hand and the client’s complete satisfaction on the other.

V. A Relationship of Trust.

360 Executive Search is an independent boutique that works exclusively for a select group of clients, seeking to establish with each and every one of them an open relationship built on trust and fully embracing their needs.

You can be sure that 360 Executive Search has a thorough knowledge of the markets and sectors in which we operate and that we will always recommend the right person for each position and the right position for each person.